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PHTR at Big Bear

PHTR-Performanc Horse Training And Rehabilitation

What is PHTR?

Performance Horse Training and Rehabilitation (PHTR) prides itself in the rescue of injured sport horses and horses put into a rescue after being used as a racehorse or for other sport. Once rescued, PHTR gives the horses a proper veterinary analysis and begins the rehabilitation process in order to re-home them or start their career as a competitive sport horse. PHTR is a non profit 501c3.

Success Stories

Grey Prince

When Grey Prince was rescued off the track as a three year old, he had just finished his racing career in Poland and Russia as a turf racer. he was thrown out into a field and was found with 2 shoes on and crippled. PHTR gave Prince the proper nutrition that he needed in order to become a sport horse for his second career. He has since competed up to Advanced level in eventing and has been the the North American Junior Young Rider Championships two times at the one star and two star level. He is now semi-retired and remains a fan favorite!


Exterminator, now affectionately known as Moe, was rescued by PHTR as a 4 year old race horse. Since his rescue, Moe has competed up to the CCI1* level in eventing and has been to the North American Junior Young Rider Championships at the 1* level. Moe has continued to progress to the intermediate level.

U Rock Robin

"Robin" is a 10 year old OTTB that came off the track in November 2017. After her arrival at PHTR, she was put on a special diet in order to recover from her "track weight". Robin was successfully restarted and competed up through Preliminary Level. She now has her own young rider and they are still competing!

received_1135499830576257 (1).jpeg


Goldie came to us with a body score of 1. We brought her to PHTR for rehab and we were able to pack the pounds back onto her. She unfortunately, was found to have a fractured cannon bone. Goldie now is a broodmare with extremely promising offspring. The images are -left to right- a month after arriving at the farm, and then five months of steady love and care.  

Rheanna Royal

Rheanna was found in a cow pasture in Kentucky and came home after a trip to the track. She was 6 years old and untouched. She successfully competed up through Preliminary before retiring to be a broodmare. She has produced two fantastic foals who we are looking forward to watch progress.


Destiny is an unraced Thoroughbred mare and was donated to us after being taken out of an unfortunate circumstance. She was underweight and needed a set of corrective shoes. After rehab she was taken to the Trakhener inspections where she was the highest scoring thoroughbred for the year. She is still with us and is a husband horse and broodmare. 

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